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Village Council Late February Meeting

Village Council met Monday evening. We had a fairly light agenda with just a few items of legislation.

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Parks Commission December Meeting

The Parks Commission met Wednesday morning and discussed a number of past and future initiatives.

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Parks Commission Special October Meeting

The Parks Commission met Tuesday morning, October 10 at 8:30 am in Riverside Park. We walked the park and reviewed potential locations for a new pavilion. After a few stops and a lot of discussion, we settled on a site near the east end of the park with a great view of the entire park. I like it because it hits almost every point on my wish list:

  • It’s clearly visible from almost anywhere in the park
  • It’s not too close to the homes on Orange Street
  • It can be connected to the existing brick path path
  • It should have minimal impact on the Blossom Time festival

We agreed that the pavilion should be large enough to accommodate four picnic tables, two of which should be wheelchair accessible. Using an estimate of the table dimensions and recommended spacing, we think the structure will be roughly 21 × 21 feet.

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Parks Commission October Meeting

The Parks Commission met Wednesday morning, October 4 at 8:30 am in Council Chambers at Village Hall. We discussed plans for holiday lighting, the Riverside Park Pavilion, dog park turf, peddling in parks, and River Walk Trail signs.

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Riverside Park Interview with Matt Leavitt

On Aug 3, 2023, at 10:35 AM, Matt Leavitt wrote:

Hi Brian,

I was just going to ask you a few questions about the items on the park agenda.

  1. I was wondering if the fake coyotes have been installed at Riverside Park and if they have been are they working to keep the geese away?

  2. Are the other 2 improvements to Riverside Park, are they going to be done after the playground is constructed? Or are they being done now? How many picnic tables and will there be a new pavilion also?

  3. I saw that in the agenda that there was a discussion about donations for improvements to River Run Park. Are those donations for the park itself or for the baseball field renovations. If for the park, what other improvements would be done to the park itself? Also are the baseball fields still on track to being renovated this fall?

Thanks so much,

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Village Council Early April Meeting

Village Council met last night and voted on a couple of issue impacting Riverside Park.

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Riverside Park Pavilion Location Interview with Sue Reid

This morning the Parks Commission voted to recommend a location for the new pavilion in Riverside Park. I suggested a couple of locations, neither of which were chosen, and Sue Reid of the Chagrin Valley Times reached out for comment.

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Parks Commission April Meeting

We had a full agenda for Wednesday’s meeting, including two park event applications, multiple proposed park projects, and a decision on the Riverside pavilion location.

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Parks Commission March Meeting

The Parks Commission met on Wednesday. On the agenda were three new park even applications, a proposal with four options for the shelter in Riverside Park, continuing discussion of a master plan for village parks, and a request for artificial turf in River Run Dog Park.

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